V-Guard DIGI 200 Voltage Stabilizer for Television (Grey)

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V-Guard DIGI 200 Voltage Stabilizer for Television (Grey)

No more Voltage Fluctuations

Now you can easily protect your house free from fluctuation and electrical disturbances with V-guard DIGI 200 Voltage Stabilizer. The useful electrical appliance provides the required voltage current to various electronic gadgets and safeguards them from spikes and fluctuations. Designed to perform in wide input range, the voltage stabilizer works wonders at the time of low and high voltage cut offs. Also, the device is easily compatible with generators and is equipped with built-in thermal overload protection. It also corrects the output voltage without any hassle and breaks.

Compatibility and Other Features

Equipped with primary switching technology, the DIGI 200 TV voltage stabilizer is highly compatible with LED/LCD/PLASMA/3D TV, Home theatre systems, DVD/DTH or Photostat machines. On the other hand the stabilizer comes with various important features including over and under volt protection, output voltage protection and zero cross detector technology, which is a great add on for total surge protection. Also, you can keep the stabilizer in any corner of your home, as it is a sleek device and does not requires much space.

Application-One LCD/LED/3D/ PLASMA TV 55inch to 70inch+DVD/DTH+ Home theatre System OR Photostat Machine
Capacity-6A;Working Range- 90V-290V
Line noise and spike protection
Generator compatibility, switch on the product and then leave it for 5-10 minutes for it to function.
Warranty-3 Years V-Guard India Domestic Warranty


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